Managing Licenses

When you activate a license key on your PC as described in the Getting Started Page, your PC will automatically be linked with that license key by a unique code generated on activation. You can view this code from the application by selecting Tools -> License. A window as below will pop up. The window will show your active license, unique ID, expiration date and days remaining.

Once logged into this website, you will be able to manage your active licenses from the License Keys Page.

On the License Key page, you will see all your active licenses as in the example above. If you select ‘Show details’, you will be able to see all active PCs codes on each license. You can match the code from a license to the unique code of one of your PCs from the window in Image 1. If you wish to remove any PC from a license, simply check the box to the left of the relevant ID, and click remove. This will automatically de-link your PC from that license, freeing up that slot for another PC. To add another PC, simply activate Visual Anatomy on another PC with your license key, and the database will automatically be updated.

This ability gives you the freedom to manage your licenses, and who can use them. At any time, as the owner of the license, you can add or remove PCs from your account.