Combine 2 Types of Tissue

Visual Anatomy includes a feature that allows you to generate a second 3D model of a different tissue type, with a reduced opacity, allowing you to contrast two types of tissue. This provides a unique perspective, with which you may make use of in your analysis. This feature is activated by clicking the button, in the image below (left). A window will pop up, with all the options required to generate a second 3D model provided as below (right).

From this window, you start by choosing the tissue you want to contrast. You can adjust the Hounsfield Units as you wish. If you need more guidance on these units, the Hounsfield Units Page will help you. You need to select a colour for the new 3D model. Choose a colour with visible difference from the original model. A degree of transparency is applied to this colour, allowing for the contrast. Once you are satisfied with all options, click Generate 3D and a second model will be created as below; the original model being the Cranium in yellow.

Normal 3D controls apply in the window. You can take screenshots to share your analysis with others. This feature brings about infinite possibilities; compare any two types of tissue to help your analysis.


The new model generated here is not saved, when you use the Save 3D model options (Importing & Exporting Models). At present, only the original model is exported.