Visualize Medical Scans in 3D

Create accurate 360° views of your patient’s anatomy with Visual Anatomy, a Medical 3D Imaging Application.

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2D Analysis

Use segmentation tools to quickly visualize different tissues on CT and MRI Scan Images.

Thresholding presets are available for CT and MRI Images, allowing for quick studies.

Region growing tools available for segmentation of more detailed tissues and organs.

Compatible with DICOM, NIfTI and NRRD Formats.

3D Visualization

The 3D Model workspace is designed in a manner, that requires only a simple learning curve from the user.

Combine 3D models of different tissues and organs in a single window, to provide a more complete picture of a patient’s anatomy.

Easily export models in various formats, and share your analysis with colleagues for consultation.

Finishing tools facilitate quick preparation of models for 3D printing.

Benefits of Medical 3D Imaging

Benefits to Physicians

  • Create studies that are faster and easier to read
  • Facilitate diagnosis, treatment and surgical planning
  • Enhance diagnostic confidence
  • Increase clinical productivity

Benefits to Patients

  • Replace more invasive and expensive diagnostic procedures, reducing risk of complications
  • Minimize exploratory surgery
  • Facilitate non-invasive surgical planning
  • Reduce operation time
  • Provide easy-to-read visuals for patient education and communication

Why Visual Anatomy?

Simple Workflow

The application has a simple learning curve. The interface has been designed to guide you through the process. Once you use the software a couple of times, you will get the hang of it.


The software comes at a significantly lower cost than similar software worldwide, while maintaining most of the core functions and capabilites; making the technology more accessible.


If you wish to make an order for a custom licensing solution, contact us here. Give us a brief description, and we can prepare a quote for you.